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What is Neurofeedback

This incredible noninvasive, effective and safe technology takes advantage of your brain’s ability to organize and normalize itself. It’s essentially a “brain work out’. It trains your brain to regulate emotions, recover from stress and focus in a healthy way. It helps to condition your brain by using EEG information, and allows your brain to return to its healthy state of function by increasing its resiliency and flexibiltiy.

Who Can Benefit

Children as young as two and adults in their nineties can benefit from neurofeedback training. It can help a variety of childhood problems including nightmares, attention deficits and other forms of disrupting and disturbing behaviors. It can assist teens struggling with anxiety and depression. It can also help peak performers enhance their abilities in sports, business and the arts.

How It’s Done

Sensors will be gently attached to your scalp and ears to pick up the electrical activity of your brain. A computer will process your brain waves and extract information from them. You will listen to soothing music and each time your mind wanders from the music, the music is briefly interrupted to correct your patterns. This allows your brain to be exercised and trained, thus resulting in more productive and peaceful thoughts.

Conditions Addressed

Following is a list of conditions and symptoms that can be helped with neurofeedback:




Aggressive behavior
Excessive talking
Speech Impediments
Oppositional behavior




Chemo brain
Panic attacks
Memory loss


Benefits of NeurOptimal


Reduced anxiety
Improved concentration
Reduced severity of pain
Increased energy
Improved memory
Increased mental clarity
Improved sleep
Improved mood
Improved creativity
Reduced hyperactivity
Improved athletic performance
Improved focus

Like a “gym for the brain”, neurofeedback helps you regain balance if you are suffering from the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. Brain training is effective at making good brains work better. Give yourself the competitive edge that comes from peak cognitive performance, better sleep, and greater mood control.

Online scheduling


“My three elementary children have weekly sessions at Rancho Bernardo Neurofeedback, as a part of a multi faceted strategy to address attention, behavior, and overall health. We see steady improvements in each child and are certain it’s a direct result of the neurofeedback. We believe this is a wise use of both our time and investments. Our family is treated with such personal care by Dr. Gaila, the technicians and the office manager.  Best of all, the session fee is far below other area providers. Can’t say enough great things about our newly found “tool” in our health toolbox!”

Kelli T.

San Marcos, CA.


“We adopted our daughter from China right before her 2nd birthday.   All the children my friends had adopted were speaking some English within weeks, most were speaking quite a bit within a few months.  Our daughter was still not speaking after we had her for 2 years.  She was almost 4 years old and would run in circles, speaking the same baby talk word.  Seriously, the same word. It was all nonsense. If I tried to teach her a word she might barely say it, but could never put two words together.  Nor could she remember any words.  She basically acted like she had some severe mental challenges.  I had lost hope trying to teach her, and started to just pray every day that God would help her to talk, because nothing I did worked.  Then I heard about this Neurofeedback and tried out one of the trial sessions.   After the first session she sat up in her car seat on the way home rather than slouching down.  She looked out the window, rather than just staring off.  When we got home, she jumped out of the car and ran to get the recycling can to put it out-on her own-all by herself.  Then after she had dinner she said, “thank you for food.”   Wow!  It was like her brain saw itself in a mirror and started fixing itself.  I took her to 15 sessions.   This training provided me so much hope and encouragement towards my adopted daughter.   She is now teaching my baby words. :)”


Nicole H.

Valley Center, CA.





In order to gain an appreciable effect from neurofeedback training, we recommend purchasing blocks of 15 or 20 sessions.


  • Introduction neurofeedback session is $40
  • Individual sessions are $100
  • Package of 15 neurofeedback therapy sessions is $750 or only $50.00 per session

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